%100 Quishajuice (xxxpimptress) wrote in ps_news,
%100 Quishajuice

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so everyone knows

to much of a hassle to make this just PS members in my journal so im posting it here.

i thought i should just let you guys know i'm not going to Disneyland... i'm would just be to painful

that is all
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hey quisha, i am soo sorry for what has happened with ty. but i am sure he will be alright. you should write him letters or something, and get well cards..people love getting mail. and i know you will call him once he gets better, but a letter will probably make his day. and i totally understand your decision about disneyland. get better **hugs**
id write a letter... but it takes mail *hella* long to get to NY.. but thank you for understanding.
if the whole ty thing is some type of hoax..do you think you will still be able to come with us to disneyland?
yes... but thats highly doubtful... cus i know its not. and i wish i could go cus now ive prtty much gotten over the painful aspect... but now there's a money factor cause he was paying... so im stil fawking screwed