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Hey Girls!

Hey girls, well tamara i dont think we can give a ride to either of those things, since hava's mom is taking lisette and i to the beach and nat is taking lisette and i to culver. so yea. anyways about movie night lili cleared that up already. i just wanna know the date. anyways when are we all going to disneyland? if we wait till everybody gets out, i think a friday would be good. i know mike gets out july 25th, but if its a problem waiting for him to get out of school, then i guess us girls can go. and marques =0) and maybe taylon *wink wink* ( hava has a got a lot of men these days) see ya girls later
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darn i wont be able to go... i *definitely* wont have the money b4 the 35.. or soon even lol.... but have fun guys ::musters a smile::
Its so lovely how you guyes plan things for when im not going to be here....and even if i were here to go to Disnaeyland...i probably wouldnt be able to go either. Have fun. lol and as for the "men" i have..i dont have any men! so Hah! lol were not on that thinking level girlies.
how long will you be gone??