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What's Going On In The Kingdom??

~*~Princess Sisterhood~*~
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PS or Princess Sisterhood is composed of 5 different members:

♥The rebelious Ariel onxangelsxwings
♥ The bookish and beautiful Belle leaster
♥ The ravishing yet overworked Cinderella xxxpimptress
♥ The sensuous Jasmine pinkbella16
♥ And the sweet and the original Snow White melixbeli

Friends forever they bind together upholding the virtues of Princesshood:
~*~Carpe Diem- Live life to the fullest.~*~

And Most importantly: ~*~To have Fun!!~*~
So knock yourself out girls.

A *huge* Thank you to Cinderella, who found the code and made this journal. If there are any Questions Please Contact the moderators: Cinderella xxxpimptress or Ariel onxangelsxwings