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Knotts Scary Farm

Okay my dear sisters... since our next big thing coming up is Knotts... I figured I'd go ahead and take a few steps to getting it organized.

As you guys know I have a few coupons to Knotts Scary Farm... but they're different prices for different days. I have a max of 6 peeps per coupon, but luckily I've got two sets of em. ^_^ So I can get 12 in. ^_^ Unless I can see if I can scrounge up another set.

Okay... let's see.

$20 Dollar Tickets
Oct 1 (Wednesday)
Oct 8 " "
Oct 15 " "
Oct 22 " "

$22.50 ~half price~
Oct 2 (Thursday)
Oct 5 (Sunday)
Oct 9 (Thursday)
Oct 12 (Sunday)

$ 25 Tix
Oct 3 (Friday)
Oct 4 (Saturday)
Oct 28 (Tuesday)
Oct 29 (Wednesday)

$ 30 Tix
Oct 10 (Friday)
Oct 16 (Thursday)
Oct 19 (Sunday)
Oct 23 (Thursday)
Oct 26 (Sunday)
Oct 30 (Thursday)
Nov 1 (Saturday)

$ 35 Tix
Oct 11 (Saturday)
Oct 17 (Friday)
Oct 18 (Saturday)
Oct 24 (Friday)
Oct 31 (Friday)

Okay That's it girls. The regular price is $45 bucks. We'd have to get these tix at the gate so we'd have to get there early. Now, I need to know which days are bad for you guys, so I can start crossing ones out.

My conflict days are...

Oct 3, Oct 10, Oct 17, Oct 18, Oct 24, and Nov 1
And those are just for soccer games

I'm assuming that no one can do weekdays, but I still need to see what's up with who...

Tenative People Going
Quisha/ Edwin
Tamara/ Peter (?)
Ebony (?)/Robert(?)XD
Janette/ that guy(?)

Am I missing anyone?? OKay. Have at it.

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